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Welcome to this site. This site was created to inform gamers and future game development team about a RPG(Role Playing Game) in the development. ToP(Tales of Phoenix) is going to be a role playing video game with science fiction and fantasy theme to it. I, Michael, will be providing a brief introduction to Tales of Phoenix.


ToP is an InterActive RPG with the Target Audience of Children Ages 12, but adults can enjoy it as well.

In the World of ToP, 21 elemental supreme beings exist with great elemental powers. These Elementals can become your teachers, friends, or even your enemies... In the end only one elemental from each element will be the Master of that element.

I have created 13 Characters on my own, and am looking for other creative writers, artists, who would like to join our little project. Aliens, Dragons, and other Mythilogical Creatures.

Tales of Phoenix

Interested in helping out with the development?

Well for beginners I would like to encourage everyone from no experiance to experts, to read through the different positions that are availible. Our staff as of now consists of; Myself being part Concept Artist and Part Story Writter, Steve Reutz being the Game Master and Team Coordinator, and David being the Story Editor.
There are a many positions on a Game Development Team, and I have learned that there are many variations to them. I wanted to list some positions and some of the tasks that are carried out by those.

What can you help with?

"A Game Designer is a person who designs gameplay, conceiving and designing the rules and structure of a game. Many designers start their career in testing departments, where mistakes by others can be seen first-hand.
  Lead designer coordinates the work of other designers and is the main visionary of the game. Lead designer ensures team communication, makes large design decisions, and presents design outside of the team.Often the lead designer is technically and artistically astute. Keeping well-presented documentation also falls within the lead designer responsibilities. Lead designer may be the founder of a game development company or may be sent by the publisher, if the game's concept is provided by the publisher.
Game mechanics designer or systems designer designs and balances the game's rules.
Level designer or environment designer is a position becoming prominent in the recent years. Level designer is the person responsible for creating game environment, levels, and missions.
Writer is a person often employed part-time to conceive game's narrative, dialogue, commentary, cutscene narrative, journals, video game packaging content, hint system, etc. It is the responsibility of the writer to collaborate with primary designers to seamlessly place this content into the game, creating immersion avoiding repetition, providing feedback, etc. Writing for games involves a different set of skills from those for traditional works, such as novels or screenplays, as the writer must collaborate with the other designers during the writing process. " - (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_genres)

    Game Designers

    Some technical and some artistic skills.

    Usually learn them through game testing or participating in other types of developments.

    Lead Designers

    These guys are THEE heart of the game, they are not only project managers, but if they happen to die without well documenting every aspect of the game, the gaming project will come to a crashing halt.
    People skills are a must for a leader. They have to work with Animators, Programmers, Writers, and Testers to make sure the game comes out well.

    Game mechanics designer or systems designer

    These are our programmers and they do all the engine work, they write all the algorithms. They also do other neat things that we don't do because we have lives. It is okay though because we still love them, just don't let them know, it would get very ackward....

    Level Designer or Environment Designer

    These guys build the levels, and work on setting up the game play.

    Often times they also are known as texture artists that design the texture of buildings, skys, and anything else that is included in a level.


    This is probably the most self explainatory one. They write. Duh?

    Game Master

    comes up with rules, conditions, and ?

Still interested?

Please do email me at FsMauri21@hotmail.com, I do take over 35 hours of classes a week. So I will get to you as soon as I have the time to. Thank you.