Game Project

ToP short for Tales of Phoenix, is an interactive role playing video game which is in the works. I have been wanting to become a game designer for quiet sometime, and have become fascinated by Chris Crawford who was the lead at Atari. His idea was to create a game that had more to offer then just shooting and similiar games which are marketed in the gaming industry.

Storyline: Science Fiction meets Fantasy
It took me a while to think about what kind of game I would enjoy building, and two of my favorite subjects were science fiction and fantasy. Dragons and Aliens within the same game was an exciting concept for me. I had the idea that we could throw demi gods within the game as well.
Universe of ToP:
The multi-universe of ToP consists of various elements that have their own champions or heros. The player will have two different classes of characters to choose from, the first is an elite type of character and the second will be a normal character that the player can level and build the skill level from the ground up. There are several characters to choose from each element. The choices the player makes will effect the alignment that they get, and per action it may let the player select desired characters they are aiming for. They will also have to end up fighting characters of the opposite alignment that they will have to face. Choices of which characters to choose and customizing your character and party.
Combat systems:
ToP has two different combat systems incorparating within it. The first is a battle system which can vary upon the number of parties used to fight. The second is a war system that is going to be using large armies to fight, and it may be a fight in outer space with the usage of ships. We also value customer relations as each and every one of you are not just our customers but in essence our friends. So with pride tell everyone (including your family and friends) about us.